Biggest challenge in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry? Try 'replicating' the affordability, convenience and performance of I.C.E. (eg petrol) vehicles, minus the emission!

We've done just about that. Our Solution is called

Designed for Critical Mass EV Adoption, globally.

We’re focusing on the ASEAN market as our Climate Action battleground. Based in Malaysia, we truly understand the usage and choices of transporation modes here, disposable income levels, tariffs, financing struture etc. Our designed-for-ASEAN EV Solution is now ready to be a part of the Low Carbon Mobility movement.

As part of our investment, we are rolling out Charging Stations to enable our users (and possibly more) to ‘top up’ easily. In this endeavour, we are working closely with Malaysia Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGTC) under the Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA) sharing Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint objectives.

Being a part of the ASEAN community, our first Hyperlega EV Product is designed to match closer to actual user’ expectations in terms of range, top speed, acceleration etc. Kindly contact us via DEMO PAGE to experience it, don’t just take our word for it.

  • An Ecosystem | Full EV Solution
  • Privately Funded Network
  • Fully Electric | Zero Emission
  • Reverse Gear Available
  • Safe | Long Lasting Batteries
  • Made in Malaysia |¬†Export Quality
  • 3S Concept Store Opening Soon
Legatus EV

Malaysia EV breakthrough

Hyperlega Ecosystem

Building an Environmentally Profitable future

Founder, Legatus EV